15 Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day

Simple pleasures in life are so important. Right now, we’re stripped back to the simple things, and it’s so important to remember and take notice of all the small things in life that can boost your happiness and make you feel good. There are so many good things to take note of. Here are a few to remind yourself of…

1. A daily walk

Even if it’s just 25 minutes outside your house. Fresh air boosts your mood, the sunlight (even on cloudy days) boosts your vitamin D levels and will help reset your body and mind.

2. Seeing someone you love

Seeing someone you love, whether it’s in real life or through a video call, is so important. It’s the best feeling to just spend time with them.

3. Dancing like nobody’s watching

Whether it’s copying a Tik Tok or dancing to your favorite song, there is a hidden joy in dancing like nobody’s watching and it should not be under-appreciated.

4. Writing lists

There’s nothing better than writing a good list for yourself. Whether it’s to help you be more productive or to keep seeing the bright side. Use The Project Book, a daily undated planner, to keep those lists with you all the time.

5. A cup of tea or coffee

Warm drink, warm soul. Or so they say. Get yourself a big mug of your favorite warm drink and savor the moment.

6. Sitting in the sun

If you can, sit in a sunbeam and just relax. The sunlight is one of those simple pleasures that shouldn’t go unnoticed right now.

7. Discovering a new favorite song

There is nothing like that jam you can listen to over and over again. If you need a boost today, put on your favorite playlist and lift those spirits. This is one of those simple pleasures that never gets old!

8. Cleaning something

Even if it’s something as simple as wiping a mirror. The act of cleaning can make you feel refreshed and new while giving you something to focus on. It’s so beneficial.

9. Reading a good book

When was the last time you lost yourself in a truly good book? A page-turner that hooked you from the first word? Check this list of sizzling books and curl up with any one of these suggestions.

10. Buying things for your home

Small upgrades make the most impact. If you’re feeling a bit down, buy a small vase or something small but pretty and you’ll instantly feel the space has changed.

11. Wearing comfy loungewear

Let’s be honest, wearing loungewear is pretty nice – elastic waistlines are really necessary right now. And chilling in new loungewear feels great.

12. The smell of a BBQ

As the weather warms up, barbecues at home become more common. The smell of smokey food in the air is. a nice reminder that summer is on the way. An example of the kind of simple pleasures we can all relate to.

13. Giving to others

There’s no better time to give. Whether it’s a small donation, or you take the time to sort through things to give away when charities are open again – being generous makes you a happier person.

14. The first episode of a new TV show

A feel-good sitcom like Modern Family or Black-ish will always boost our mood, sitting down with an episode, and switching off your mind for a while is so important.

15. Writing a diary

Now is the perfect time to write a diary, remember your thoughts, feelings, and experiences because there will be a time where people will find this period of our lives fascinating. You can even use a bullet journal like The Master Plan to write down your thoughts and feelings.

Source: Career Girl Daily