Buying process.

Buying a home or real estate investment can be challenging, especially in this low inventory market. But with the right guidance ahead of time, you will be well equipped to navigate in any market.

When we partner it will be my mission to help you accomplish your real estate goals, no matter what they look like! Your wants and needs will be my number one priority. With a combination of strong energy and patience I will be able to help guide you to aggressively look for homes, make strong offers, all while taking the time to explain every step in the process to you. Your understanding of the process is crucial for your success. 

If you are looking to buy a home with a mortgage, getting your pre-approval before starting your search is a must. You will learn more about the cost of buying a property, and will work with a dedicated Mortgage Loan Officer to truly understand your budget & monthly payment target. Then you will be able to laser focus your price point and only look at properties that will meet your financial needs. When you are eventually ready to make an offer on a house, a seller will require a pre-approval. And with a fast paced market, having this step complete will allow you to make an offer in a timely manner.

Defining your wants & needs in a buyer consultation with me will help you understand if your expectations are realistic, and it will help me have a clear picture of what your goals are. Communication is key in any relationship and when I understand your goals with clarity, I will help you generate success. During our consultation, I will also explain in detail the steps to buying a property, tips for navigating in a challenging market, what the costs of buying are, and how I find homes for my clients. Your goals are my priority.

While utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (the hub where all homes for sale are posted), and focusing on a creative search of expired listings, direct homeowner listings, and networking, I will create a list of homes that meet your needs for us to look at together. The time it takes in this phase all depends on what you are looking for, and the nature of the market when we start looking. I will make sure we stay organized, and utilize our time efficiently. And of course, want to make the process fun as well! It's a big step to buy a home, and it doesn't have to be challenging as long as we take the time to properly communicate! I'll say it again, communication is key.

Once you are ready to make an offer we will have a discussion regarding the value of the property after I complete a market analysis. Often times the market value of a home can be different than the listing price, so this will help us understand whether we should offer above the listing price, or below! I won't let you overpay for a home. We will also discuss other offer terms such as (but not limited to), amount of your earnest money deposit, preferred closing date, down payment, inspections, etc. During the process of making an offer I will diligently communicate with the listing agent. As a listing agent myself, I know what kind of communication and offers look attractive for sellers. This will increase our rate of offer acceptance! 

From start to finish after your offer is accepted, you can expect it to take a minimum of 30 days, and in this market a maximum of 60 to 90 days. During this time we will work to remove all contingencies which can include inspections & association document review (when buying a condo or town house), ensure a clear title, have a property appraisal with the bank, and more! There are many steps in the process and I would love to explain them to you in great detail. Let's connect!

"Josie had great follow through on anything she said she was going to do.  Josie was extremely polite and positive to work with even when the going got tough.  Josie would not stop problem solving when issues came up.  Josie was attentive to detail and a great communicator.  She never complained about driving out to see us to complete a task." - Betty

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