5 Daily Habits for a Healthy Mindset

Are your daily habits helping you to grow? When it comes to your mindset, there are things you may be doing daily that are sabotaging you.

For longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve struggled with snoozing my alarm. Not only does this habit lose me time, but it also makes me feel worse about myself. I know I have the ability to get up right away (I’ve done it before in the past), but this habit has simply become part of my daily routine.As Gretchen Rubin said, “Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life.” Your habits define your lifestyle. They have the power to make you feel good or bad about yourself. They can alter your mindset for better or worse. If they’re not helping you to grow as a person, they’re only getting in your way.

In order to cultivate a healthy mindset, you need habits that align with your vision and values. In this post, I’m sharing 5 super simple habits that will help you uplevel your mind and reduce stress daily.


5 Healthy Mindset Habits

The easiest way to cultivate a healthy mindset is to follow daily habits that keep you in a good state of mind. Here are 5 simple daily habits to keep your mind a calmer place:

1. Journal + Brain Dump

Recently I’ve started the habit of writing morning pages, or 3 pages of stream of consciousness thoughts, every morning. This process has been helpful for clearing my mind and getting me into a good mood before the day even starts. If you’re short on time, do a brain dump and write down what you’re anxious about, what you’re excited about, and what you need to get done for the day.

2. Review Goals + Vision List

If you’re the type of person who loves to set goals, I’m sure you can relate to planning them out and then totally forgetting about them. By reviewing your goals and vision daily, you can remember what you’re working towards and motivate yourself to do what’s most important.

Don’t have a vision list? Here’s how to create a super simple vision plan.

3. Block Out Your Schedule

Waking up in the morning not knowing what to work on first can take up precious mental energy. Save yourself some time and energy by planning out your day the night before. Time-blocking is my favorite way to plan because it helps me see how much I can get done in a realistic timespan. If you write to-do lists that aren’t achievable, you’ll end up feeling defeated by the end of the day and that’s not something you want to deal with.

4. Mindset Check-Ins

Every now and then throughout the day, check-in with yourself. Ask what your mindset is like. For example, are you feeling scattered, frustrated, or content? When you bring awareness to what’s going on in your head, you can come back to the current moment and re-focus. Set reminders on your phone to do a check-in if you find it difficult to remember.

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5. Limit Social Media Time

I recently shared a post about how I’ve learned to have a healthier relationship with social media. By setting some boundaries around the ways I use social media, I’ve been able to stop letting it suck up my mental energy. Make it a daily habit to spend more time creating than you do consuming other people’s content.

Source: The Blissful Mind