Four Uplifting Ideas for LED Downlights in Your Kitchen

Using LED downlights to illuminate your kitchen can take your kitchen decor from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re starting a major kitchen remodel or just giving your current kitchen an update, here are four ideas for using LEDs effectively.

1. Under-Cabinet Lighting
Preparing food on a well-lit work surface is so much more enjoyable than working in poor lighting. Fitting LEDs to the underside of cabinets is a great way to illuminate work surfaces and provide a more localized light than that from overhead lighting. LEDs complement ceiling lights to provide interesting areas of light and shadow throughout the room.

2. Interior Cupboard Lighting
Enhance glass cabinets with better lighting. Placing LED lights inside glass-fronted cupboards highlights the contents of the cupboards, which is great for showing off crystal, glasses, or other decorative items. It also helps to soften the ambiance of the light as it’s reflected off the cupboard contents and adds a warm atmospheric glow.

3. Mixing and Matching
Creatively mixing traditional lighting with several LED downlights in one space allows a lot of flexibility in lighting. An excellent example is in a dining kitchen: use the main ceiling and spot lights for bright lighting; then, to create a more intimate relaxed atmosphere for dining, use softly-lit alcove lighting and the light directly above the table.

4. Pendant Lights
Although LED downlights are mostly fitted flush with ceilings and other surfaces, a variety of other mountings are available. Using them in pendant light fixtures is an unusual way to provide impact to specific areas. Try hanging an LED pendant fixture over the kitchen table to improve the lighting and add a dimension of height to your decor.

If you need a full kitchen rebuild or just a simple makeover, LEDs can be used for creative lighting effects that will showcase your kitchen as the focal point of your home!


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