Home Insurance, is it a no or a go?

Is home insurance part of your non-negotiables? No? Think twice, as it might be the second best decision you’ll ever do in your life. (this ties up with getting a real estate professional, and the first being your decision to get that home)

Sure, we bought houses that are fit for our needs. With the floor and lot area that could perfectly cater to our family and/ or growing families.

Sure, we invested in furniture with the comfort of our loved ones in mind. We threw money for those appliances that we both need and want.

Sure, we take care of houses, installed safety features like CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras, Electronically-Powered Gates and High-End Locks to keep our families and loved ones safe inside our homes. But has it ever crossed your mind about what would happen if an accident like a fire hit your home?

No? Are you sure? Well, let me give you a heart-wrenching scenario.  A fire started 2 houses down from yours. You went to the other rooms to alert those living with you. You go out taking everything important that you could take with you. Fire starts to travel and slowly engulfs the house beside yours. You went back inside the house, trying to get a few more things out but you just looked around slowly and started to compute the amount that you shelled out in order to buy everything that’s inside your home, until you heard the sirens of the fire truck and your loved ones shouting for you to come out because the fire is already starting to eat your own house.

I bet you see that as vivid as I did, huh? But what if, aside from investing in the things inside your home, you did get a home insurance that would cover the repair or replacement of your home and all your belongings inside it should it be damaged by fire or should you be a victim of theft? Sounds wonderful, right?

Home insurance is one important thing that homeowners forget to purchase. Others think that it’s an additional expense, but if you come to think of the advantages of having one, then you will not think twice of getting it for your home. For a minimum amount, you could have your homes and belongings insured. And that minimum amount would go a long way, because that could basically give you 1. Dwelling Coverage should your house needs renovation, 2. Personal Property Coverage meaning all the belongings including clothes, furniture and electronics, 3. Liability coverage should one be hospitalized because of the accident, and lastly, 4. Other Structures Coverage like the repair of the shed or a detached garage or even the fence! Wonderful isn’t it?

Now, don’t think twice. Get that home that you’ve been dreaming of, and add that home insurance on top it, like that cherry on the ice cream.


(Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage from: https://www.allstate.com/tools-and-resources/home-insurance/covered-in-homeowners-policy.aspx)