Questions to Ask Realtors When Selling

Are you ready to sell your home? Making the decision to do so can be a fantastic opportunity in today’s market. Having a skilled real estate agent to help you with the process may be critical to making that possible, though. There are a few questions to ask Realtors when selling that can help you to determine how they can help you.

What is the Value of the Home?

Be sure to discuss the value of the home, not from what you believe it is worth, but what the market tells you. Your agent should be able to complete a comparative analysis report that helps to determine value based on recent sales in the area, the features of your home, and the area’s market.

What is the Marketing Plan?

Ask about the marketing plan that the Realtor plans to use. This may include online and offline methods of marketing the home. Find out how much time it takes for homes in the area to sell. Discuss what types of materials the agent will create to help encourage the sale of the property.

What Updates Should You Make?

Your selling agent often provides a wide range of insights about what home buyers are looking for when it comes to features. They may be able to provide insights into remodeling, decluttering, outdoor fixes, and other steps you can take, often inexpensively, to ensure your home sells for the most it can sell for.
Asking key questions like this can often help you to know what to expect from the process.