Real Talk: Let’s find that One True Love we’ll call HOME

Practice Makes Perfect, do you agree?  I do, but when it comes to finding that perfect home, we cannot afford to “practice” because that would mean wasted effort and money and resources.

We are all dreaming of that perfect home, may it be for us or for our families. But what do we really need to do to find that perfect one?

  1. List down all your needs and non-negotiables. This is really where one home buyer should start. How big of a home do you really need? Do you need one with a foyer? Do you need one with high ceilings? Is it practical to use sliding doors instead of the traditional one? Are you in dire need of a Jacuzzi or a bath tub or both? You need to know and list down what you need to consider in a property for you to invest in it and call it your home. Remember, this is the NEEDS. Not your WANTS.. (well, not yet)
  2. Where do you want to reside? Do you want to live in the continental Minnesota, with hot summers and cold winters? Or in the humid and tropical New Orleans? How about living in Forks, Washington where it’s cloudy and rainy for almost all year round? Location is one important consideration, as you do not want to get stuck in a place that you can’t see yourself residing in for a long time.
  3. Not everything revolves around money, BUT you cannot have that perfect home for you magically, you know. So we need to consider our budget. How much are we willing to shell out to be able to snag that perfect (and by this time, perfect is already redundant) home?
  4. Real Estate Professional and Home Insurance. Yes, you read it right; these 2 are important ingredients in finding the one for you. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog spots (click here if you have not read it yet: Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Professional and Is Home Insurance a No or a Go? and read away), these could also be your non-negotiable. Your agent could get things done for you, and your home insurance could protect you, your home and your belongings now and in the near future in the event of *knock on wood* unforeseen accidents.
  5. Your Wants. Yes! If you have put everything into consideration already and you have a little more to spare, then indulge in your wants! After all, this is your home, right?

It is difficult to find that perfect one for you, but would be much more difficult if you do not have at least a list to follow and consider.  Make that list now and start the journey to finding your perfect home.