The Wow Factor: Secrets For Decorating A Jaw-Dropping Home

There’s a fine line between living in a beautiful home and a jaw-dropping one. If you try too hard, it can look like you live in a showroom. But if you don’t put in enough effort—things can look unfinished. So how do take your interior to the next level? There isn’t one secret, but rather it’s about considering what every jaw-dropping home has and integrating those ideas into your own personal space.

Every Room Should Have A Statement Piece

These side tables make a statement.

These side tables make a statement.SLASH OBJECTS

According to Aurore Martial of Domus Venus, who is known for designing some of London’s most jaw-dropping homes—every room needs a statement piece. What you choose is up to you. “Statement pieces can be large paintings, photography, or even a rug hung on the wall . Oversized (antique) mirrors or even a picture wall can work beautifully too.”

Martial explained that the goal of is this to create one focal point and then heighten it as much as possible “Use a nice wall color behind, light it beautifully, frame it, etc. “I like to compare the beautifying part of the statement piece to the blush on a woman’s cheeks, a bit of lipstick or earrings, it changes everything.

Remember, one statement piece per room is enough. If you can’t quite imagine a large horse table in your own home—understand that statement pieces can be something functional but unique such as these side tables made of recycled rubber from Slash Objects.


Fill The Walls With Art

Robyn Blair Davidson's candy creation add fun and whimsey to any room.

Robyn Blair Davidson’s candy creation add fun and whimsey to any room.BY ROBYN BLAIR

Art doesn’t simply make a room look complete, but it also makes it feel personalized. Keep in mind that art can be anything, as long as you connect with it. According to artist Robyn Blair Davidson, there’s no true formula or right way to choose art. “Every stylish home needs art because that’s what style is. Style is when you choose what you love and work it into your everyday. At home, that’s art, your way of expressing yourself.”

Don’t Skimp On Textiles

Throw some style.

Throw on some style.MARTA

Like a cozy, luxurious look? Martial says just add curtains. “They totally transform your windows, add softness, but also beautifully frame the windows.”

Martial is also a proponent of rugs, especially with the prominence of open floor plans. She explained, “they anchor the space making it easy to limit the living area, a play area (kids will be drawn to it), a study zone, etc.”

Even keeping a throw over a chair or on the arm of a sofa can add style. It’s also practical. Who doesn’t enjoy the warmth of a throw while relaxing on the sofa? Choose one that feels as fabulous as it looks like this boho-chic Marta cotton throw from Minna. Ethically made, each blanket is hand-woven in a family-run cooperative in Mitla, Mexico. It’s also machine washable, making it ideal for homes with pets and kids.

Small Details Are Everything

You can make anything personalized.

You can make anything personalized.MARK & GRAHAM

A little detail goes a long way. While this can be challenging for “big picture” people, it doesn’t have to be. Choosing monogrammed or personalized accessories is one of the easiest ways to do this. Mark & Graham has sophisticated items for every room with lots of options for personalization. Choose something you’ll use every day like coasters for the living room or towels for the bathroom. While it can be tempting to monogram everything, choosing just one or two items per room is best.

If you’re not a fan of monograms, there are lots of ways other ways to customize. A wedding photo in a frame engraved with the date works just as well.

Add Color


A little color goes a long way.

A little color goes a long way.HOME DEPOT

Choosing items from one color family looks so chic in showrooms. But, in reality, an entire room full of neutrals can look cold. Adding color can change the entire feeling of a space. While large accent walls and pink furniture have been trendy—those aren’t the only ways to add color. Less can be more.

Take the peachy taupe color family in the home office shown above. Even just something small like the navy blue cushion on thisScandinavian-inspired chair from Home Depot immediately warms up the space. A similar chair with a white cushion would make the same interior feel boring and sterile.

Make Sure Everything Has Purpose And Intention

Do not underestimate the power of this floor mat.

Do not underestimate the power of this floor mat.CHILEWICH

Homes with wow factor aren’t perfect so much as purposeful. Choosing items you like, but that don’t have a purpose, can make rooms feel cluttered. It’s like having too many guests—what are they bringing to the party?

A great example of an item that serves many purposes this is theStrike Woven Floor Mat from Chilewich. It adds texture, sections a sitting area, prevents the chair from sliding and protects the floor below—making it a true multitasker.


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