Three Simple Tips for Home Decorating Success

Decorating your home but is overwhelmed with all the ideas that you find online and all those that you want in your home? Fret not. Here are 3 simple tips for decorating (or redecorating) your home!


Even if it’s your dream to have an elegant, classy home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at picture-perfect homes on Pinterest or in magazines. If you want to redecorate your home but don’t know where to start, here are three simple tips for successful decorating:

1. Start Neutral, Then Slowly Add
In Colors and Patterns

Beginning with a neutral color palette creates a more sophisticated space right from the start and allows room for growth. Choose a bright neutral shade such as white, cream, or light gray for the walls, then build the room around it. Select bolder colors carefully and reserve them for statement pieces such as large artwork or a sofa; this will make the room pop without overwhelming the space.

2. Choose Statement Artwork and High, Wide Curtains to Make a Room Look Larger
There is a common misconception that smaller artwork and window treatments will make a small room look larger. While it may seem contrary to nature, the opposite is true. A single focal piece of artwork fills the room, making it appear larger, while a cluttered gallery wall actually makes the room look smaller. The same principle applies to curtains. Choose curtain panels larger than the windows they’re covering and hang them higher. 

3. Choose Well-Proportioned Rugs 
A rug is a pricey upgrade; however, it’s a worthwhile investment that will boost the aesthetic of your home, and with the proper care it can stick around for many years. Instead of guessing what size rug will work best in a given space, use painter’s tape to map out potential rug dimensions in the room. When you’re happy with the placement, measure the tape. Once you know what size will work best, you’ll be motivated to find the right rug in the right size and resist the urge to size down a few feet to save some money.

Bringing a sophisticated touch to your home takes time and often a bit of trial and error. Gather lots of paint samples and test them on small sections of different walls to determine which colors will work best in which room. If you aren’t happy with a rug or piece of art in the living room, try it in the entryway or a bedroom instead. Making a couple of switches can create a significant difference in the overall aesthetic.


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